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How to beat cash games on microlimits: play preflop

A cash game, regardless of whether a person plays in reality (for example, in a classic casino) or online (poker on the Internet) provides significant advantages relative to existing tournaments.
Not only can a player start a game at any time, he can leave the table at any convenient moment. Online poker goes around the clock. In addition, the participant receives his winnings in real money. He does not need to pre-exchange chips at the box office, as in real life.
If you are completely satisfied with the limits, then you can immediately sit at the table. It is worth noting that the blinds during the cash game remain the same, so you can continue the game indefinitely.
Poker strategy should be based on the understanding that a large number of chips significantly raises your chance of success. You should not fall into a stupor at the first failures and try to recoup that evening. Keeping deep composure, you increase the abilities of your analytical mind and eliminate the risk of further playback.
Micro Limit Poker Game
In the event that a person is a beginner, then micro-limits are the starting point for playing poker. Low rates are popular on the Internet, as they do not provide for enormous costs and provide an opportunity to replenish the baggage of experience. Proper poker strategy and knowledge of basic concepts allow us to demonstrate the highest win rate on micro-limits. First of all, the player needs to trust in long distances and do everything in his power.
There are no secret formulas for luck in poker. Only with experience can one learn to minimize tilt and replay rivals. Having a personal plan and a course of successive actions, which you will adhere to day after day, will tell you the true path to victory. You will understand when you do not need to scatter chips and how to control your emotions. In addition, here you will find all the necessary and useful information to maximize your skill level.