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Be patient in the game of poker

Impatience is common and expensive, and besides, an excellent way to compromise the game. He has the properties of trickle down at any time of the game, the impact on almost any decision, even without an understanding of this player.
Sometimes a professional pickpocket comes to mind, because impatience can take away all the money that can no longer be returned, and the culprit can not be found. Starting with starting hands and ending with behavior while making border decisions, inability to expect brings damage at the gaming table.
Can you be patient?
The world around is full of “awards”. The desire to get food at the same hour after ordering makes people eat at fast foods and buy ready-to-cook foods. As a result, everyone is looking for a light diet or a magic pill that will instantly save people from being overweight and other health problems. Modern surroundings with phones and handheld computers surrounded everyone with their network in a figurative and literal sense. All these things are created solely for the purpose of universal satisfaction.
Many people know that a live poker gaming session can be a recurring marathon of folded hands. It is possible that in such a situation, even the most patient poker player will sooner or later decide on a loose call. However, your victory or loss depends solely on your selectivity. Still, it is worthwhile to overcome all the terrible cards, unsuccessful positions, missed flops and choose the right moment to retaliate.
When a poker player seeks to win, he must seek it with all his might. Every poker player knows about this rule, which is told in any poker school. But still it is not clear, why is it so that many players, including professional and experienced, face difficulties while applying this rule in practice? Why is this wait so painful?
What can lead to impatience?
When in the gameplay you have to make a difficult decision, impatience can play a cruel joke with you and cause you to lose a decent amount of money. It is better to wait at least a minute before taking an ill-considered step. Sometimes it is worth analyzing the course of the distribution, counting pot odds – such thoughts should arise in your head every time you have to resolve a difficult situation. Although, hardly any of the poker players often does this, even despite the fact that a rather large amount of money is at stake. Instead of tedious intellectual work, it is much easier to succumb to the impulse of his instinct.